New stuff

Render templateTransforms raw tab-delimited data using a template.

Pseudo-compilerConfigurable regex-based lexer.

Template-based text editorEdit text using templates.

Kinda new stuff

Equation EditorAn extension to the HTML editor that allows you to edit equations. Some of these should be copy-pastable into Word and other tools.

Regular expressionsA tool for testing out regular expressions online. Also allows you to apply a series of reg-exp replaces for more complex transformations.

Browser-based HTML editorCombines a WYSIWYG editor with a source code editor in the browser. For the most part you can copy/paste into Word and other tools.

Old stuff

ReferencingUTS Bell Referencing Scheme Helper

Style marker!Marks Java code based on code factoring (the less repeated code, the higher marks)

First person tetrisFirst person tetris.

Chess (alpha)To play this you need: a 'modern' web browser such as Firefox or Chrome, and a Unicode font such as Arial Unicode MS

Chess (1p)With AI. Really.